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Compliance Manual

Manual de compliance

Compliance Manual

  • The companies which implement the COMPLIANCE MANUAL, apart from complying with the criminal law, improve their corporate image, introducing themselves to their clients as a solvent and attractive organization.
  • Solid experience: Team of experts in the implementation of the compliance program in an easy way and with all guarantees.
  • Elaboration of the risk map: We detect the eventual risks of the company trough the analysis of relevant documentation and business information.
  • Elaboration of the Code of corporate conduct or Code of ethics: It consists in a Code which contains rules of conduct and good practices, as well as internal procedures.
  • Implementation of an internal Whistleblower channel: Trough this channel, any worker will be able to report, internally and confidentially, any breach of the Code of ethics or of the applicable law.

What is the regulatory compliance?

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