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Bankruptcy Proccedings

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Insolvency Attorneys


We are lawyers specialized in bankruptcy procedures, with proven experience. Our Law Firm has participated in the restructuring of more than 430 companies, helping them to overcome the insolvency condition.

Our Law Firm represent insolvent companies. We accompany the entrepreneur through the entire bankruptcy procedure, providing full professional support.

100% of successful cases. All of our clients have managed to overcome the insolvency condition without responding with their personal assets.




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We offer full professional services to companies which are experiencing difficulties.

  • Negotiations with banks and other creditors.
  • Preliminary study of the company, tailoring it to the standards of the Bankruptcy Law.
  • Viability plan.
  • Development and execution of the Liquidation Plan.
  • Debt claims to companies that have entered into a bankruptcy procedure.
  • Second Chance Law. Individual’s insolvency procedures.
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