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Practice Areas: Legal Services for Companies


FALCÓN ABOGADOS provides continued legal counsel and defense in the matters necessary for proper management of a company.

The client will have an external legal advisor who will verify the company's compliance with its obligations pursuant to the Capital Company Act, Spanish Labor law and other related laws according to the topic.


  • Constitution of all types of trading companies, modification of by-laws and appropriate corporate legal counsel.
  • Agreement drafting. Changes of administrator.
  • Dissolution of Companies. Liquidation operations as per CCA.
  • Buying and selling companies, shares and investments.
  • Shareholders' agreements..


  • Preparation and negotiation of all kinds of business contracts, advising to contracting parties regarding their selection, depending on their legal nature, terms and conditions.


  • Advising on structure, design, formalization and execution of all kinds of corporate restructures, commercial entity transformations.
  • Mergers, divisions, sales of branches or operations of the business and fiscal and labor implications of said actions.


  • Viability analysis of agreements that may affect competition.
  • Setting of competition protocols.
  • Defense of the company before the CNC and Courts of Record.


  • Legal advising and company defense.
  • Formulation and defense of employment laws regulations.
  • Defense of company in the event of worker claims.
  • Modification of working conditions, relocations
  • Hiring of employees
  • Collective bargaining