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Practice Areas: Insolvency Proceedings

We have high experience managing insolvency from different positions: as insolvency practitioners, attorneys for debtors and as representatives of creditors. This provides us a practical and decisive perspective on the current issues.
  • 1.-We defend our insolvent clients. For this, we prepare and defend our clients before the Commercial Courts of Spain, in filing bankruptcy, providing professional support so that both the company and the entrepreneur's rights are respected.
  • 2.-For creditors in insolvency proceedings, we carry out the necessary actions to defend their credits so that they are not harmed in the corresponding evaluation. Analyzing viability or liquidation plans that are presented in the declaration of insolvency.
  • 3.-Involuntary insolvency. We represent the creditor of the insolvent party as Insolvency Practitioners, in accordance with the provisions of Insolvency Law.


  • Prior study and adaptation of the company in accordance with the Insolvency Law.
  • Negotiation with banks, suppliers.
  • Preparation of insolvency proceedings.
  • Viability plan.
  • Proposal and drafting of creditors’ arrangements.

Prior Analysis

  • Study of the insolvency situation in order to plan a possible proceeding.
  • Assistance in negotiations, restructuring and other agreements
  • Preparation of early creditor agreement. Creation of early settlement plan.

Voluntary Insolvency

  • Preparation and submission of voluntary insolvency proceedings in accordance with Law 22/03, prior company situation settling if necessary.
  • Creation of Insolvency Report (list of creditors, inventory and other information required by law).
  • Preparation of Creditors’ Arrangements.
  • Preparation of settlement and early settlement processes..

Insolvency proceedings

  • Representation and defense of the insolvent party in order to defend it against potential insolvency incidents that may occur during insolvency proceedings.
  • Negotiations with the Insolvency Administration and creditors in order to reach timely agreements that allow for an arrangement with creditors to be made, or, where applicable, asset liquidation.
  • Assistance to the insolvent party in the insolvency assessment. We defend the company's receiver against potential compulsory insolvency proceedings given by the Insolvency Administration.


Advising business during Insolvency situation

  • Analysis of patrimonial solvency of insolvent party and its practitioner-receiver in order to determine potential liability claims against his personal assets.
  • Prior legal and economic advised on insolvency proceedings to avoid incurring personal liability. Action protocols adapted to the insolvency's legality.