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Data Protection

Protección de datos

Data Protection

Compliance with European legislation.

Since the 25th of May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is being applied to all the European companies which treat personal data.

This Regulation introduces important novelties which differ from the actual Spanish Data Protection Law (LOPD) and MUST BE COMPLIED. The GDPR has also strengthened the sanctions for non-compliance the data protection legislation. These sanctions can vary from 10 million of Euros to the 4% of the annual business volume.

The companies must be adapted to the GDPR in order to avoid the imposition of sanctions or any criminal responsibility.

FALCÓN ABOGADOS, as a specialized Law Firm in data protection, offers the following professional services in order to implement in your company this MANDATORY Regulation:

  • 1º. CONTRACT review.
  • 2º. We prepare the AUTHORIZATION DOCUMENT needed for the data processing.
  • 3º. Legal review and adaptation of the TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY of the corporate website.
  • 4º. Legal review and adaptation of the legal notices which appear on the EMAILS.
  • 5º. Review and/or drafting of the SECURITY DOCUMENT.
  • 6º. Drafting of the manual needed to communicate any eventual occurrence of SECURITY BREACHES to the Data Protection Spanish Agency.
  • 7º. Adhesion to CODES OF CONDUCT or to CERTIFICATION mechanisms.
Special fees for SMEs.